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Nashville, TN Wi-Fi and Smart Thermostats

Are you still running an analog or digital thermostat without any bells and whistles in your home? We know what you’re probably thinking: “Yes! My thermostat works just fine.” We understand why you might think this way, but we can assure you that investing in an updated Wi-Fi or smart thermostat is well worth the effort.

A new thermostat can help you boost your home comfort, lower your energy bills, and get your HVAC system to peak efficiency levels. We know that it might seem like you can handle the job of upgrading your thermostat all on your own, but trust us, it’s always worth it to schedule an appointment with the professionals at Precision Air, LLC. We’ve served Nashville, TN since 1993.

We specialize in thermostat work. Comfort is a must, call the experts you trust. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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The Difference Between Wi-Fi and Smart Thermostats

What’s the difference between a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat? A lot of homeowners get the two confused, so we want to iron out the differences. Here’s everything that you need to know:

A Wi-Fi thermostat is a thermostat that’s essentially just like a digital thermostat with the added feature of remote Wi-Fi capabilities. This means that you can change the thermostat setting of your home from your smartphone, watch, tablet, or computer. A smart thermostat is a Wi-Fi thermostat with the added feature of “learning” how you like to heat or cool your home. Smart thermostats can even take action after they learn your preferences and anticipate how you like to heat and cool. If you want added convenience and less energy expenditure, schedule an appointment with us.

Need Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation or Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Replacement?

Are you thinking about installing a new thermostat? We’re the team you need to call. We specialize in smart / Wi-Fi thermostat installation and smart / Wi-Fi thermostat replacement. Neither of these processes are something you should go at alone.

We know that a lot of homeowners feel like they can handle anything with the backing of a good internet tutorial or article, but trust us when we say that if you want efficacy and longevity with your thermostat, then you’re going to need a professional.

Have you fallen out of love with the current thermostat in your home? It might be time for you to come to us for smart / Wi-Fi thermostat replacement.

When It’s Time for Wi-Fi Thermostat Repair

Are you having trouble with the thermostat in your home? It might be time for you to invest in smart / Wi-Fi thermostat repair. Repair of this system doesn’t have to be a big hassle. Trust us when we say that it’s always worth it to call in a professional for the work that you need. Our service technicians are the ones who are going to perfect your Wi-Fi thermostat repair. We make sure to get the job done right the very first time. This isn’t something you can guarantee when you try to DIY these services or hire an amateur. Hire the professionals at Precision Air, LLC: we are serious about your comfort in Nashville, TN.

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