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How to Reduce Excessive Stress on Your HVAC System During the Summer

How to Reduce Excessive Stress on Your HVAC System During the Summer

With our hottest months just around the corner, here are a few easy tips from Precision Air professionals to keep your HVAC system functioning at its best and avoid the costs of air conditioning repair services this summer.

Let Your AC Run–Even When You’re Away

Heading out for a beach vacation? You may find yourself tempted to shut your air conditioning system off completely to help save money while you’re gone. This is a common misconception and not a great idea. Turning your AC off for a week or more will allow your home to heat up significantly and cause your air conditioning system to have to work much harder when you try to cool your home again. Shutting your AC system off will also leave room for humidity to accumulate, creating condensation and a potential for mildew in your home. This, too, creates a strain on your system when you turn it back on. Turning your AC up to a reasonable temperature to keep your home cool but lessen the need for it to run constantly or investing in a programmable smart thermostat that allows you to regulate your home temperature remotely may be your most costly alternative to a complete shutdown.

Seal Windows and Doors Tightly

Keeping your windows and doors closed to hot air from outdoors might seem like an obvious way to mitigate the demands on your air conditioning. However, warm air can easily slip through cracks and cause dysregulation in home temperature. Make sure that the sealants on your windows and doors are airtight to avoid straining your air conditioning system over time, resulting in unnecessary air conditioning repair services. You may even wish to insulate attic doors or add extra weather stripping to exterior doors to maximize AC efficiency.

Replace Your Air Filters Regularly

The function of an air filter is to catch and contain dirt, dust, debris, and microbes from the air and keep them from flowing through your HVAC system. A clogged, dirty air filter leads to less airflow, and a system that has to work double time to disperse cool air into your home puts your system at risk for frozen coils and higher energy bills. Cleaning your air filters and replacing them every two to three months will keep you from having to call your trusted Precision Air team to inquire about air conditioning repair services. We are always ready and willing to find a solution to your air conditioning issue, but we know that no one wants AC malfunctions during the hottest months of the year, so we always aim to help you prevent and avoid breakdowns.

Keep Registers Open

Your home’s unique duct system is specifically designed to disperse a certain amount of air throughout your home at a specific pressure. In order to do so efficiently, all vent registers throughout your house must be open. A common misconception is that closing registers in unused rooms will reduce the amount of air that flows through your system and into your home. In reality, closing off unused rooms does not change the amount of air your system is already programmed to cool and create; it just causes your system to work even harder to move the air that will automatically try to pass through the registers. Over time, this can deteriorate the functionality of your HVAC system and lead to inevitable and costly air conditioning system repair services.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance Checks

At Precision Air, we offer a membership program called the Comfort Club. When you enroll, you receive priority service, discounts on repairs, and, most importantly, routine maintenance checks. These are scheduled appointments where a technician will visit your property on a seasonal basis and inspect all of the functions of your HVAC system. They will conduct any necessary preventative work, provide duct and filter cleaning, and complete any air conditioning repair services you need. Enrolling in the Precision Air Comfort Club ensures long-term efficiency for your system and gets you many perks:

  • Priority service—you jump ahead of non-club members in line
  • A 10% discount on all repairs
  • Two season tune-ups
  • A free system inspection for your ductwork, filtration system, and a safety check
  • Auto-billing and no-hassle cancellation
  • Special members-only offers
  • Save $40 on Diagnostic fees (normally $99, but members pay only $59)

Air conditioning maintenance is always beneficial. Regular HVAC maintenance appointments help keep your comfort high while optimizing your energy efficiency and lowering your HVAC bills.

Trust Precision Air for Air Conditioning Repair Services

Contact Precision Air professionals today to learn more about our Comfort Club offerings and other residential maintenance services to keep your HVAC system functioning properly this warm season.

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