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Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC System

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Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC System

Want to avoid the fear of having your air conditioning unit stop working in the midst of a heat wave? It’s always a good idea to stay on top of HVAC maintenance, especially when it comes to air conditioning replacement. If you’ve recently purchased an older home or have simply put off the daunting task of installing a new HVAC unit, this is for you. Straight from our experts at Precision Air, here are a few telltale signs to look out for to keep your family from experiencing a ceaselessly sweaty summer season.

Old Age

If your Heating/Cooling system is more than 10 years old, it’s time to get familiar with all the benefits associated with system upgrade options. Other considerations are that 10+ year old HVAC equipment might still utilize an outdated refrigerant (freon) that is potentially damaging to the environment, air quality, and personal health. Since a 10+ year old system is likely to be out of warranty, manufacturers will often discontinue replacement parts for these older systems, making repairs increasingly difficult and expensive. With the super high-efficient system options available today, at Precision Air it is quite common for us to hear that our client’s monthly utility savings realized from the new system is actually covering the system upgrade by way of reduced monthly utility bills. Along with enhanced reliability and safety, a system upgrade may be a smart investment in your finances, your family’s comfort, and improved peace of mind.

Poor Circulation

Here in the south, we do not need any help when it comes to circulating warm air. If your air conditioning unit is blowing hot air or simply not blowing any cool air at all, you might have a faulty compressor. If that is indeed the case, a trusted professional will need to conduct repair services as soon as possible.

Excessive humidity in the home can also be a sign of poor circulation, as your HVAC system should be well-equipped to dehumidify, especially in this region. Give us a call if you are experiencing damp conditions indoors.

Unusual Noises

As with all mechanical devices, clanging and banging in your HVAC system simply isn’t a good sign. If your system is suddenly noisier than usual, it’s time to call Precision Air for an inspection or complete air conditioning replacement.

Unusual Odor

Foul smells coming from your air conditioning unit could be a sign of mildew or mold buildup within your HVAC system. This is not only damaging to the efficiency of your system, but also to the air quality in your home and your family’s overall health.

Another smell that should raise red flags is the scent of burning metal or plastic. This could indicate an electrical or wiring issue, which poses significant safety hazards. Call Precision Air’s experts immediately if you notice this scent coming from your HVAC system. We are ready for all of your air conditioning replacement needs, no matter how urgent!

Abnormally High Electricity Bills

This is one of the best indicators of an overworked HVAC system. It’s high time for an air conditioning replacement when your wallet is starting to feel the impact of your current system’s inefficiency. At Precision Air, we believe that comfort should not come with a steep price tag. If your energy bills are making you sweat, give us a call to schedule an inspection and receive an honest, fair quote today.

Thermostat Problems

If your central air system becomes more or less unresponsive to your constant banging on the thermostat, you have a problem. When an HVAC system is functioning properly, you should not be spending so much time staring at your thermostat and frantically pressing buttons in an attempt to manually regulate the temperature in your home. Our experts can assess and solve the issue from the root cause.

Rely on Precision Air for Air Conditioning Replacement & Repair

While the typical lifespan of an HVAC system is approximately 10-15 years, how you use your system can shorten or lengthen that time significantly. Summers in the Nashville area are especially rough on air conditioning units, as they run constantly to keep heat and humidity at bay. It is always a good idea to have your HVAC system routinely serviced and, at the very least, inspected, to get ahead of any issues that may arise. At Precision Air, we conduct thorough repairs and specialize in air conditioning replacement, so get in touch with our team today for all your AC needs.

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