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4 Common HVAC Problems (and How to Fix Them)

Heating and air systems can last up to 20+ years if properly maintained. However, it is easy for things to go awry, and since we live in a region where our HVAC systems are at work all day and year-round, problems often do arise. The team at Precision Air in Nashville has expertise in air conditioning installations, repair services, and replacements. Over the years, we’ve seen it all. Here are a few of the most common HVAC problems we encounter on a regular basis and how to fix them.

Dirty Filters

Most commonly, poor airflow, an overworked unit, and a unit that can’t reach ideal temperatures are a result of a dirty filter. To prevent your air conditioning system from having to work double-time and wear itself out prematurely in the process, air filters should be inspected and replaced on a regular basis. The good news is that once the problem has been identified, the biggest challenge of replacing a filter is making sure you are replacing it with the proper type and size for your system. While the task of installing a new filter can be tackled by anyone, we recommend reaching out to a professional to make sure you have the right one for your specific needs.

Filter inspection and replacement is a very basic yet important preventative service. We typically recommend replacing your filters every three months. If you’d like this done for you by our team, let us know at your next appointment.

Clogged Drain Lines

While condensation is normal and a great sign that your house is not hanging onto excess humidity, sometimes HVAC system drain lines can get overwhelmed. Liquid can back up and leak inside and around your air conditioning system, ultimately causing water damage to your home and even algae or mold growth in your drip pan. The good news is that clogged drain lines are a relatively simple fix. While some at-home remedies can do the trick sometimes, it’s best to consult a professional for the diagnosis and treatment of a clogged drain line.  

Different types of clogs may call for different approaches to fixing the problem, and we want to ensure the true problem is diagnosed before we move forward in correcting it. Our air conditioning repair services can keep your unit healthy by inspecting for pipe cracks, broken pumps, or other related issues.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is a key component of a well-functioning air conditioning system. Refrigerant is what flows between indoor and outdoor unit lines to move heat out of your home. Low refrigerant levels due to leaks can be detrimental to an HVAC system’s essential functions. Whether your unit is low on refrigerant due to a leak or other issue, having a qualified and experienced HVAC technician address the problem is key to extending the longevity of your HVAC system.

Fixing a leak is a relatively simple solution for our technicians. Air conditioning repair services such as this one should be administered by a professional, as we will likely need to patch or replace your refrigerant tubing.

Dirty Coils

Condenser coils are another key component of the proper function of any heating and air conditioning unit. Because they are constantly circulating air from indoors to outdoors, condenser coils can quickly gather dirt, debris, and other pollutants. When this happens, the buildup can cause the system to overwork itself, leading not only to abnormally expensive energy bills but to a significant decline in the health of the air you are breathing in your home.

Most often, we see this happening in HVAC systems that do not receive regular maintenance or inspection. It is a problem that can go undetected for a long time, eventually leading to complete shutdowns of entire systems. Cleaning condenser coils is a particularly simple process, but we always recommend consulting professionals before attempting to clean them on your own. Missteps could lead to larger problems with your HVAC unit, so it’s best to consult an air conditioning repair expert for this issue.

Trust Precision Air for Air Conditioning Repair in Nashville

If you think you are experiencing any of the above problems or are simply having an issue with your HVAC unit, we would love the opportunity to serve you. Our air conditioning repair services are designed to help your unit get back to capacity as quickly as possible without costing you a fortune. We always recommend preventative maintenance services to keep things in working order for as long as possible, but if you find yourself struggling with a broken-down unit, get in touch with us today at Precision Air.

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