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5 Signs That Your Water Heater Needs to be Repaired

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Your water heater is either in your garage or in a closet. You probably don’t think much about it as long as you have a steady supply of hot water. But there’s a chance that your water heater is having problems and you don’t even realize it. If you address water heater problems early, they’re fixable.

Ignoring signs of water heater problems can lead to needing a whole new water heater. If you think you need water heater repair in Murfreesboro, TN, our team is here to help. If you’re not sure what constitutes a call for service, keep reading to learn about signs of water heater problems.

1. Inconsistent Water Temperature

When you turn on the hot water at any source in your home, you should receive a steady and consistent stream of hot water. If you hold your hand under the water and feel the temperature fluctuating from warm to hot to lukewarm, that’s a problem.

It’s easy to think that this is normal, especially if someone else is also using hot water somewhere else within your home. But it’s actually mineral deposits inside your water heater causing the problem. If you have hard water, extra minerals are building up in your water heater over time and potentially blocking the heat elements from heating your water efficiently. You may even hear a rumbling or crackling sound inside your water heater, which is the minerals moving around as the water heats.

2. Lack of Water Pressure

Your water pressure should be consistent whether you use cold water, hot water, or a mix of the two. If you turn on hot water and feel a difference in the water pressure, something is wrong with your water heater. You may have minerals blocking pipes where water flows out and into your home. Your water heater can also lose water pressure naturally over time, so if the tank is older, this problem may not be fixable except through replacement.

3. Hot Water is Leaking

It may seem obvious that if there is a leak something is wrong. But water heater leaks can be so small that you don’t even notice them until they get worse. At least a few times per year you should inspect your water heater closely for signs of small leaks. If you suspect a water heater leak, call our team right away before the problem worsens.

4. Cloudy or Smelly Water

Your water should be clear and crisp whether it is hot or cold. Water that looks cloudy or smells bad is always a problem. Don’t drink or use the water in any capacity and call our team for help. The problem may be small, like having additional minerals from your water heater coming through the pipes. But it could also be a larger problem like corrosion that is developing inside your storage tank.

5. Unusual Water Heater Sounds

We already mentioned that minerals from hard water can create sounds inside your water heater. The only sounds you should ever hear from your water storage tank are the sounds of running water entering your home or the tank refilling. Any other sounds are a problem. If you invest in annual water heater maintenance, our team can flush out your system regularly to prevent the minerals from damaging the liner that is inside of your tank.

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