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5 Signs That You’ll Have AC Trouble this Summer

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No, we’re not going to look into a crystal ball and tell you
what’s in your near future here. Our ability to tell you what’s going to go
wrong with your air conditioner is based on training and first-hand experience.

We know that summer is right around the corner and you’re gearing up for it. We also know that air conditioning problems are one of the worst things that can happen during the summer season. You might not know all the signs that point to an AC repair need, but we’re here to fix these problems today. AC repair in Nashville, TN is our specialty. We’re going to clue you in on the warning signs below…

A Few Signs That There’s Trouble on the Way

Here are a few signs that there’s trouble is on the way this

Short Cycling

Short cycling is one of the easiest ways to realize that you’re going to have trouble with your air conditioning in the future. This is because short cycling puts immense strain on your air conditioner.

When your air conditioner short cycles it starts up, runs for a little while, stops, and then starts up all over again. Your air conditioner exerts quite a bit of energy starting up. If you make your AC do this numerous times a day or even multiple times in an hour, then it’s sure to put wear and tear on your system. If you notice short cycling, make sure you address it ASAP, so it doesn’t wear down your system over the course of the summer.

Inadequate Cooling

If you’re not cool during the spring, then that’s a bad omen
for the summer season. Inadequate cooling will only get worse as the summer stretches
on. The issue might be with your capacity or it could be a simple repair issue.
We’ll help you figure out what the issue is.

Odd Noises

Have you noticed that you’re hearing some odd noises coming
from your air conditioning system?

The problem that you’re having depends on the noise you’re
hearing. Banging typically indicates compressor issues, rattling is normally indicative
of a loose part, and whistling noises might point to a problem with your ducts.
These problems will only get worse with time.

Foul Odors

Have you noticed foul odors wafting through your home when
your air conditioner is on? Foul odors are a terrible sign for your home and
even your personal health. Musty scents can indicate mold. Don’t let this go
unnoticed in your home.

Humidity Imbalance

Your air conditioner is able to handle a mild amount of
humidity control. If you notice that your air conditioner isn’t handling much
of anything, then you should consider air conditioning repair. Excess humidity
in your air conditioning system can cause real issues with your AC system.

Humidity imbalance is a sign that indicates trouble down the
line. It’s better to control these issues now before they become the downfall
of your system this summer.

Contact Precision Air, Inc for your air conditioning care. Comfort is a must, call the experts you trust.

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